Complicated situation

Complicated situation ,

Complicated situation ,” – commented on the situation , Deputy Chairman of the Volga Interregional Coordinating Council “Unity” Gennady Zvyagin , who took part in the extraordinary conference of Ulyanovsk “Unity” , which was held on September 22. It Zavolzhskaya chairman of the regional organization E. Kochev said that the decision of the Council to support regional organizations Goryachev is contrary to the recommendation of the Central Political Council and discredit the organization in the eyes of voters.

G. Zvyagin hoped that the internal contradictions will be redeemed at the party building . According to him, in the Goryachev determines everything, and go to him in spite of difficult. Out of this situation Zviagin sees in compliance with party discipline . ” Party discipline will be like in the CPSU – execute commands from the top down – he said deputies conference. – If there is a solution center Shamanov , the Ulyanovsk ” Unity ” will try to maintain Shamanova . This ” will try ” – nothing more than a veiled warning progoryachevskoy top “Unity” : do not arrange a public scandal . ”

Violation of the charter party and the failure of decisions of the central organs of the party led to the CEC found it necessary to send in Ulyanovsk commission to study the situation , which arrives in the city today.

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Complicated situation ,

Motorists are experiencing problems with fuel gas . On each of the four gas stations in Ulyanovsk hanging plate ” Strip no.” It happened because of a sharp rise in gasoline prices , which provoked a massive shift of vehicle owners to gas : 1 liter of “

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